Sunday, January 10, 2010

Philosophy's Hope in a Jar

Throughout high school and past couple years in university, I've been using H2O Plus' Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment as my daily facial moisturizer. Recently, I even tried their Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator which claims to be more moisturizing compared to the Hydrating Treatment. They're right. However, I decided to venture out and try something new. Not because the products I've been using isn't right for me, but simply out of curiosity.

My new product of choice? Philosophy's Hope in a Jar. 

*side note: I had horrible skin during my preteen and teenage years. I was an active swimmer so my skin was constantly exposed to chlorine and all the nasty stuff in pools. However, H2O Plus's Hydrating Treatment helped me repair my dry skin. I have combination skin.

What They Say
This product claims to hydrate, exfoliate, and protect the skin. It is mostly (99.9%) oil-free. It is designed to smooth complexion and reduce wrinkles and discolouration. It was "originally created for the medical market" to deliver "soft, healthy, glowing results".

What I Say
Although it claims for results to show after a few uses, I didn't see it for myself. It initially dried my skin. It also roughened my skin as well. (Perhaps it was in its "deep exfoliating" stage.) I've been constantly using the product for a month now and I see some positive changes in my skin. It is much smoother and hydrated. Yet at the same time, it doesn't promote my skin to be oily which is a huge plus for us combination skin girls. The down side is the scent. It's not my favourite scent in the world and it stays for a good hour or so. Also, sometimes it feels like I have a layer of moisturizer on top of my skin (rather than it being absorbed). This is a huge con when using mineral makeup because the moisturizer stays on for a long time and soaks up the makeup. 

Peanut Butter and Beauty Overview
SPF? no
Unscented? no (however they claim the scent to be not artificial)
Moisturizing? yes
Availability? really easy to get (Sephora, beauty boutiques,

Hope in a Jar? Maybe not. So although it's raved about on YouTube and Sephora, I think it has a little work to do before I can make it my #1 go-to moisturizer. However, I will easily go back to this if my first choice is unavailable.

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PBunnieP said...

HA! I hate it when they say 99.99% or 99.98% oil free. [I'm looking at you L'Oreal products!] But I feel that alot of oil-free products are silicone based or glycerin based and my face doesn't react too well to either of them in excessive amounts. I'm been leeming to try out this product too but have been hesitant due to the reviews about; smell, texture and people getting MORE breakouts than before.
I went to the H2O store the other day on Robson to try out the Face Oasis you raved about but my BF immediately had a rash reaction to it when he put some on his hand! @.@
I've just started Clarins HydraQuench cream *hehehe*

pattiez said...

A rash? That's gross. He might be allergic to an ingredient in the moisturizer. It's not a harsh product so I don't know what else it could be due to.
How'w the cream?

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