Sunday, January 17, 2010

Korres Cherry Lip Kisses

I am still sticking to Project 10 Pan! I received Korres' Cherry Lip Kisses from a friend through a secret santa swap.

This value set come in a set of three lip glosses featuring Korres' best-selling shades: Nude (33), Fuchsia (54), and Natural Purple (25). (Please note that the colours are listed left to right according to the image above.)

What They Say
The lip glosses contain cherry oil (moisturizing, providing long-lasting colour and water-resistant shield), jojoba oil (hydrates without stickiness and smooth fine lines), and vitamins C and E (antioxidant protection and repair lips). Formula is long-lasting, vibrant, and creamy.

What I Say
At first glance, I only liked Fushcia which is a shimmery pinkish-purple. But after trying them out, I really like the Natural Purple (a sheer plum brown). It's very natural yet very pigmented. The downside to these lip glosses is that I can't put it on without a mirror due to its pigmentation (which is actually a good thing).

Currently you can purchase the set of three for only $19.50 at or For the same size, they are $16-17 each!

Peanut Butter and Beauty Overview
.very long-lasting

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PBunnieP said...

The ones I have right now are from BeautyQueen in Crystal Mall. But they are horrendously overpriced... I just ordered some online for super cheap[er] prices, haven't arrived yet. Just search it up on ebay. Also, a couple brands [beside Mezaik] make these now so you may be able to get a better deal on those! *muah*

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