Sunday, January 24, 2010

Philosophy's Melting Marshmallow Cream

I purchased Philosophy's Melting Marshmallow Cream Body Soufflé exactly a year ago in a holiday package by Philosophy (Warm by the Fire). There is a similar one that's available right now that's called "The Winter Escape". The only difference is that it comes with the Marshmallow lip gloss instead of the S'mores one.

Just so you know, the packaging is now different. The current Marshmallow Cream packaging is decorated with snowflakes and coloured lettering. Whereas the one I have is mimics other products in the Philosophy line: simple, black and white, and includes an interesting relevant block of text.

What They Say
This product has a light and silky formula that melts into your skin. It is ultra-moisturizing (sic). Also, it soothes and hydrates the skin. The antioxidant formula promotes a smoother, younger looking skin.

What I Think
When I use this cream, it feels like I have a film of product sitting on my skin even when I only use a small amount. It does a good job moisturizing my skin, however I wish it would penetrate into my skin more. Due to this, I find that I need to reapply the product constantly to keep my skill hydrating. The scent is a little off. It smells like really cheap candy than marshmallow. It's not the worst scented product I've used, but it could be a lot better.

Peanut Butter and Beauty Overview
.moisturizing but not long lasting
.scent is not on target
.seasonal availability

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Lani said...

thanks for the review. it sounds so fun, but bummer it's not actually any good.

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