Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Nail Goodies

Bonjour =) I haven't blogged for awhile so I guess it's time I get my butt onto the blogging world and blog about something... right? Wow, I used "blog" three times in one sentence. Back to topic. I grabbed some nail polishes lately. Now I don't like spending more than $2 on nail polish. I stand strongly by that. I don't use nail polishes enough to splurge on it. Plus, it's not like the quality is always better when I spend more. I rather go back and grab more than to have the polish stay in my room waiting to dry up before I throw away. I'm digressing now.

You Are My Sunshine by Claire's Cosmetics 0.25 fl. oz or 75mL

Now I must say this nail polish is tiny and it was $2.75CDN. (gasp!) However, I love the quality and staying power of Claire's nail polishes. Icing by Claire's is good too since they're the same quality. Although their bottles are squared, not round. Anyway, I just love this colour. It's super summery. It'll make really cute french tips!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail Colour in 13, 03, 82 (left to right) 11.8mL each

The quality of this product is pretty good. I can't compare it to other Sally Hansen polishes because the only other Sally Hansen nail product I have is her nail polish pen. This product has a decent consistency. It lasts an average amount of time, but I find that I need to touch up on it after a couple days. I'm not a fan of that since I didn't even wear it to work! I can't complain too much; I only paid $1 each for them at Rexall. Plus, they're supposed to make your nails stronger. Horrah for double purpose products!

If you have any questions, want more details, or want me to review any products, feel free to leave a comment! =)


PinkyKathy said...

All of Sally Hansen you picked up have really pretty color. ^_^

da goose said...

oh I didn't know they are suppose to make my nails stronger O_O man.. I've been using those for 2 months and I see no stronger nails!!! lol..

I agree I wouldn't spend more than $2 on nail polishes lol.. I only leave them on for a week and if some gets chipped off by the end, it'll be less work for me to take it off XD

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